More Chillies

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As you’ll have seen from the picture I posted earlier, today I received my South Devon Chilli Farm order (really fast dispatch!).

Being the impatient type I have now planted 6 of the 7 varieties.  The only reason I haven’t planted the seventh was because fishing about in the dark for a 7th pot is not so fun when you keep finding slimey things.

I managed to create some more windowsill space by relegating the herb plants to the little greenhouse outside and re-establishing kitchen window sill plant priorities.  Which does mean that my Cherry Bomb chillies now have pride of place there instead of being upstairs.  Hopefully they won’t mind having slightly shorter amounts of sunshine than they were having.

So now there are Hot Chocolate Habanero, White Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Fatalli, Senor Serrano and Antillais Caribbean in pots and waiting for germination.  Fingers crossed it will happen soon.

Tomorrow I will go and find some more pots and plant the Hungarian Hot Wax and a second batch of Jalapeno and Cherry Bomb.

That is enough chilli talk for now!

Happy growing,



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