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One thing I really regret about when I got my plot was that I didn’t take a picture of it.

I don’t know why I didn’t, but I didn’t.  Instead I meekly emailed the lady who oversees the allotments in the area saying I’d take it and asking when I could start.

I wish I had taken pictures because it was a jungle – and everyone enjoys before and after pictures, especially when they’ve involved a lot of hard work.  I do have a few pictures from shortly after though and I thought I would share them with you.

This was my first month of having the plot.  It had been vacant for 12 months prior to me taking it on and the weeds were around waist height.  I understand this is relatively short compared to what other people have taken on but a pain in the backside none the less!


This picture was taken in late May and I’d managed to clear a bit more and find the rhubarb plant! I’d never liked rhubarb until my other half made crumble using stems from that plant, now I can’t get enough of it.


The picture above and the one below were taken last June and things were starting to grow. The mound next to the shed was a pile of top soil and rubbish, including 3 sheets corregated tin and so much green fruit netting! I’d also managed to get almost all of the plot back under control.

imageSo that was the start of my plot.  I would love to see what other peoples allotments looked like when they got them.

Happy growing!

A x


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