Allotment – Sunday 22nd March 2015

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I nearly didn’t go to the allotment this afternoon because the day had been so grey and a bit miserable, but I am so glad I did. Within 10 minutes of being there the sun came out, the coat came off and the dog was sprawled out in a warm spot.

It’s a bit of a funny time of year at the moment because there isn’t much to do apart from dig.  I put some radish in 2 weeks ago and the Cherry Belle’s have just started to poke their heads above the surface, and the garlic I planted around the peas have charged off, but apart from that the only other things growing on the plot are the onions and garlic I planted last autumn.

My tulips have at last come up though, although we have no flower stems yet, hopefully next weekend.

So, I did some digging.  Quite a bit of digging actually.  I’ve managed to turn a bit more over and get rid of a few more weeds. I wrapped some string around my sweet pea canes so that they have something to climb up.  I’m trying cordoning for the first time this year and once they’re a bit better established I’ll do a post about that too.

The red and black currant bushes which I was growing in pots last summer are now in the ground, although the loganberry and blackberry canes were more than dead.  I moved some of my rhubarb too because they were in the way of my other half’s plans for the area around the shed.

Managed to get quite a lot done when it’s written down like that!

Hope you all managed to enjoy some of the sunshine too.

Happy Sunday,

A x


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