Allotment 31st March 2015

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Mental weather here at the moment!  Went to the allotment today but was only able to stay for a little while before the weather just became too much.  This is the back end of my allotment and there used to be a 6′ high wooden fence here, it’s a little bit flatter now!  There is also now officially no felt left on the old shed i inherited.  Definitely a job that is going to require doing this summer.

Happily though I have a rather handsome row of French Breakfast Radishes coming through.  This made me a happy bunny.  The other radishes in rows on either side are emerging too but these are definitely the current leaders.  I planted the seeds on 7th March so I’m pretty pleased considering the weather then took a turn for the cooler and is only just warming up again.


Unfortunately our strimmer broke today.  Strimming is the job my other half does at the allotment so it left him at a little bit of a loose end. However he dismantled it and has located the problem, now to track down a new part.  On the plus side the engine still works and he was carrying it round “vroom vroom”ing at me.  At least it made us smile through the rain!

Will try again on Friday – hopefully it’ll be a little less windy and a bit more productive!

Happy allotmenting. xx


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