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Have any of you grown pineapples before? Using the tops?

I saw a pin on Pinterest and it showed you what to do and it looked really simple… so I tried… it didn’t work.  Now I’m like a woman possessed and I am desperate to crack this pineapple growing malarky! So tonight I am trying again.  And I have done more research.

The first key part was establishing what pineapple root buds look like – I guess these are essential because no root buds = no roots are going to grow.  I found this picture from this website – Rick’s Woodshop Creations – which also has some really useful information on how to grow a pineapple.

Pineapple Root Nodes – from Rick’s Woodshop Creations

So I’ve pulled a load of leaves off my pineapple stalk and I found some roots and some root buds:


The pineapple stalk is now in a jar of water on sunniest windowsill in the house (the one where I germinate my chilli seeds… that’s another post) and within 2 weeks I should start to see some roots appearing.  Hopefully.

imageExcuse the compost on the windowsill, my chilli plants have obviously been having parties and chucking compost everywhere….

Has anyone else successfully done this?

If so how did you do it?  Any help would be gratefully received!!!!!

Thanks 🙂 xx


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