Preserving – Strawberry and Kiwi Jam

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It’s been a hideously long time since I updated my blog – life has a habit of doing this I find.  You just get in to something nice to do with your spare time and then it throws hecticness in your face. However, 2 months have passed and I am now the proud owner of my professional qualification and a new job.  time to catch up on allotmenting and jams!


If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I was incredibly excited to receive my copy of Preserving by the Pint from amazon.  Marissa McClellan has some fantastic recipes for preserves of all types which don’t leave you with a million jars or so of jam to shift.


So, having devoured her book and covered it with little “to do” post it notes from cover to cover – in hindsight it may hav ebeen easier to just tag the recipes I didn’t fancy making – I moved on to her blog and started going through the same process on there.  And then I came across this wonderful recipe for strawberry and kiwi jam.


I often buy kiwis because they look yummy and I think I’ll enjoy eating them – and I do – I can just never finish a whole pack of them.  So I got some strawberries and gave it a go.  The day I made it was beautiful.  It was a lovely sunny Saturday morning, the other half was still in bed snoozing, we were off to a bbq that afternoon – seemed like the perfect time to make jam!


I was a little apprehensive about how this jam would turn out because kiwis are pretty fibrous in the middle but the jam is great!  It comes out really smooth and a fantastic colour.  I gave a jar to my parents – they too were a little apprehensive at first but from memory the jar was empty within the week – I guess they liked it too!!


Check out my incredibly fashion sense in the bottom of that picture ^^^^ Clearly floral leggings and pink fluffy boot slippers are the way to go if you’re cooking jam…. I love that picture though – molten jam is one of my favourite things.


You can find the recipe here: Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit Jam by Marissa McClellan


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