Allotment – 8th and 9th July 2015

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The best bit about being on leave is that I can go to the allotment during the day pretty much as often as I like.  The other good thing is that going frequently means I get a chance to actually get the whole plot under control.  So having tackled the right hand side (looking from my shed) of the plot I was also able to have a clear out, re-organise and plant of the left hand side.

Lots of the garden centers have their vegetable plants on offer at the moment – I guess because it’s getting late in the season, but with how the weather has been I think we’re in for a funny year anyway, so I’ve been merrily planting some extra bits and pieces in the hope I’ll be lucky!

My recent additions included some beef tomatoes (because I didn’t have enough already…), a couple more chilli plants, cauliflower, green cabbage, red cabbage, purple basil, pineapple sage and leeks.

I’ve stripped one of the planters out and that has now been sown with some salads – hopefully we’ll get some later summer lettuce and radishes.

The best addition though has to be the rather smart anti-butterfly cage my other half managed to make using scrap from behind the shed.

We are now the proud owners of every thunderbug on the allotment, but hopefully it’ll be enough to stop the cabbages being eaten!


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