Saturday 7th March 2015 – Allotment

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My plan is to record what I get up to at home and at my allotment. Hopefully it’ll help me keep a track of what I’ve been doing, and share that with people who are interested.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, really warm and the sun was out.  I took the dog with me, and she had a fantastic time sun bathing.  It’s so lovely to finally have a bit of warmth and not need a coat on all the time.

It’s probably a bit early, although not as early as it was when I planted them, but I put my sweet peas out in the plot.  I had 11 plants that were getting a bit big for my little greenhouse at home so we’ll see how they go!

I got my spuds in too, I’ve never grown them in the ground before so it’s a bit of an experiment for me.  I’m growing two varieties this year – Albert Bartlett Vivaldi and another variety called Swift.  The Swifts are an early crop, and the Vivaldi a main.  I’ve only ever been involved with field scale potatoes so planting 5 of each was a bit smaller than I’ve experience before!

I’ve put my first runs of parsnip, carrots, radishes and spring onions in too. Chantenay, Caracas and Cosmic Purple are the carrot varieties I have chosen this year.  The parsnips are Arrow – and I really must be more patient with them this year if I want a crop!  The spring onions are near by and I’m hoping they’ll help deter the carrot fly. Definitely need to buy some netting for that too.

I love radishes because they grow quickly – I’ve gone for French Breakfast, Amethyst, Rainbow Mix and Cherry Belle to give some variety.

I’ve put out some Pak Choi as well.  I’ve not grown this from seed before, but after a bolting disaster with the part grown ones I bought from the garden center last year I thought I would give this a try instead.  The packet said to plant early for small greens and then come June you can plant for mature plants, so hopefully we’ll have some baby greens for stir fry in a couple of months time.

Well, that’s what I got up to on Saturday and probably enough for now! Have a lovely day.

Happy gardening. A x