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Allotment – 8th and 9th July 2015

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The best bit about being on leave is that I can go to the allotment during the day pretty much as often as I like.  The other good thing is that going frequently means I get a chance to actually get the whole plot under control.  So having tackled the right hand side (looking from my shed) of the plot I was also able to have a clear out, re-organise and plant of the left hand side.

Lots of the garden centers have their vegetable plants on offer at the moment – I guess because it’s getting late in the season, but with how the weather has been I think we’re in for a funny year anyway, so I’ve been merrily planting some extra bits and pieces in the hope I’ll be lucky!

My recent additions included some beef tomatoes (because I didn’t have enough already…), a couple more chilli plants, cauliflower, green cabbage, red cabbage, purple basil, pineapple sage and leeks.

I’ve stripped one of the planters out and that has now been sown with some salads – hopefully we’ll get some later summer lettuce and radishes.

The best addition though has to be the rather smart anti-butterfly cage my other half managed to make using scrap from behind the shed.

We are now the proud owners of every thunderbug on the allotment, but hopefully it’ll be enough to stop the cabbages being eaten!


Allotment – 7th July

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I’ve been down here a bit over the last few weeks, but only to pull a few weeds and dig over. Finally though I have had a chance to spend some real time at my plot and get some plants from home planted out.

I’ve been growing loads of chilli plants and having completely taken over all available space at home I decided to take the plunge and get them planted out.


I’ve also been given some tomato planted by my parents – my Grandpa got a bit over excited when sowing the seeds a few months back so there are tonnes. Guess I’m going to be making lots of chutney and ketchup!

There’s some celery and corn mixed in the rows too and I plan to fill the gaps with some quick turn around crops – lettuce, radishes, spring onions etc.

At least half of it now looks presentable! Just the other half to retame now!

Preserving – Rhubarb Syrup

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This year I have been lucky enough to have a complete glut of rhubarb.  Lots of rhubarb means lots of preserving! In fact, we haven’t had rhubarb crumble once yet! It’s looking like we won’t get it either, the last batch of rhubarb I picked was pinched by the other half and is currently marinating in a jar of gin….


Rhubarb syrup is quite simply one of the best things ever – it’s great with lemonade or prosecco – just remember put the syrup in second! Because I’m presuming that you probably won’t enjoy drinking a glass of rhubarb bubbles as much as you’d enjoy a rhubarb Bellini…..IMG_20150516_151318[1]I am wondering if I can justify one of those straining stands now though…. although the upright in the cupboard and string works pretty well for now! Look at that syruppy goodness….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

If you fancy making you’re own – why don’t you give this recipe a go: Rhubeena

Allotment – 4th May 2015

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I am officially an incredibly lucky girl.  I say this because my rather lovely BF broke up and then reconstructed a pile of pallets my Mum and Dad had been saving for me into a wonderful composter for my allotment.  It took most of the afternoon, and quite a bit of swearing and sweating but he managed to get it done and I am a very happy lady.


You’ll see that our site monitor kept a close eye on proceedings to make sure he did it properly. She likes to make sure that she knows exactly what’s going on.

I also really enjoy having company while I’m at the allotment.  It’s a lovely place to go and I really love it there, but sometimes it’s a bit lonely and if you’re having a bad weed day it can all be a little soul destroying.  At least I now have somewhere smart to put all those weeds!

It ended up being really late by the time he finished, and the midges were out in full biting force. Definitely worth it though! 🙂

Saturday 4th April 2015 – Allotment

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It was really quiet down the allotment this morning, in fact there was only me and one other chap there.

Bug was thoroughly enjoying being outdoors but in the end decided to become official shed watcher when what little sunshine we had disappeared.

The day before I had been to Simpson’s Nursery near Newmarket with my parents and Grandpa and having looked at all the plants there (but wisely had left my purse at home!) I decided to go and buy some peas and strawberry plants on the way down.

I did some digging over and a lot of weeding and then popped my strawberry plants in near my currant bushes.  I’ve put cloches on them to provide a little bit of protection – it’s still chilly at night and I don’t want them to die.  It’s probably a little early for them to be out at all but I’m pretty impatient.
Peas have gone in to the fruit cage, and then I’ve taken my chances with 2 more tepees without mouse/bird protection. Fingers crossed they’ll be ok.  I’m hoping the ones in the raised planter will be a little bit sheltered by the tulips and daffodils for the time being.
That’s all for Easter Saturday – Have a lovely day 🙂

A xx